Emiratization (UAE Nationals)

At Sheraa, we are always looking for exceptional UAE talent to bring aboard to support us in our mission of creating and boosting the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Sharjah, and to give back to our great emirate and nation.

We believe in:

  1. Harnessing the value and power of local talent.
  2. Providing UAE nationals with an opportunity to work in an impact-driven organization and culture.
  3. Upskilling local talent when it comes to understanding and working in the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The values we look for in Sheraa Team members are:

  • Initiative; a self-starter that isn’t afraid of uncertainty, creativity, and explorations.
  • Mastery; continually committed to his/her self-development and sharing knowledge with others, as well as providing evidence-based solutions and research for organizational improvements.
  • Openness: shares his/her honest thoughts, ideas, and feelings with the team, and someone who accepts feedback and provides feedback in a respectful manner.
  • Passion: a desire and commitment to his/her craft, to giving back to the community, and to support startups.
  • GTD (Getting Things Done); results-oriented and performance driven with excellence in everything he/she does.
  • Appreciation: empathy needs to be present in all interactions, teamwork, appreciating others’ work, and giving credit where credit is due. Celebrating his/her own success, and others’.
  • Accountability: taking ownership of successes and shortcoming, projects, and the ability to exercise self-reliance when needed.

Opportunities and Departments in Sheraa, which include full-time employment or freelance:

  • Business Support; HR, finance and accounting, administration and protocol, IT, and procurement.
  • Marketing; social media, marketing communications, events, graphic design, PR, and marketing analytics. 
  • Partnerships; partnerships relationship management, new partners scouting and onboarding, sponsorship and fundraising.
  • Programs; candidates with experience in the startup/ventures/entrepreneurship ecosystem, consulting experience, and have played advisory roles with startups/businesses.
  • Strategy and Research.
  • Project management.

Interested candidates should send their resumes to careers@sheraa.ae with the desired role title in the subject.