Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival

21 - 22 November, 2017, 10am – 8pm.
Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club - Sharjah

Description of event
This festival will bring together the best and brightest of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the hustlers who stay awake every night to turn dreams into reality, so we can celebrate the power of entrepreneurship and inspire further innovation.

What’s happening at sharjahef
Regional and international speakers taking the stage for inspirational conversations to shape entrepreneurial, responsible mindsets of up and coming generations.

Intimate sessions for deep-diving in industry topics, stories, and tools as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Over 60 startups showcasing, entering pitch competition for a chance to win up to $40,000, and meeting one-on-one with mentors who are startup founders and industry experts.

Food trucks, music and film all happening in the two day festival celebrating Sharjah’s artistic and cultural heritage

The SEFFY Awards
Entrepreneurs believe that in order to change the world, they have to help people change the way they see things. It isn’t about striving to be the change in the world, but to help all those around them see the world as one so that they would want to change with them.

The Seffys is a set of nine prestigious awards for entrepreneurial merit in the UAE’s startup industry, given annually by the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SharjahEF), to recognize excellence in achievements as assessed by a popular community vote. The various category winners are awarded a trophy, officially called the “Seffy Award”, which has become commonly known by its nickname “Seffy”.