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We believe marketing and sales are essential to help products and companies grow. The Sheraa Accelerator Program helps early stage funded companies build a scalable and repeatable marketing function and reach their growth stage faster.

Program benefits
+ Free UAE-based business license
+ AED 35,000 equity-free grant
+ Access to market
+ Business services
+ Rent-free coworking space
+ Expert mentorship
+ Free legal advice
+ Government and private sector contracts
+ Access to investors
+ Free exhibition space
+ Free marketing support

Who should apply?
Tech-enabled, early-stage startups, three years or younger, with a working product or service, potential to scale, and at least three months’ worth of traction in terms of sales, user subscriptions.

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The Growth Program aids companies in their growth journey by providing the right mix of education, mentors, investments and market partners.

Program benefits
+ A collaborative co-working space in the heart of the American University of Sharjah, buzzing with entrepreneurial energy and creativity.
+ Expert-led seminars and workshops on managing and growing a business.
+ Quarterly networking events with like-minded entrepreneurs.
+ Exclusive speaking and participation opportunities at leading entrepreneurship events.
+ Roundtable discussions on ways to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the UAE.
+ PR and promotion through traditional forms of media, such as print, TV and radio, as well as being featured across Sheraa’s social media channels.

Who should apply?
Established startups looking for networking and market growth opportunities.


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