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Here’s more information on our Ideathon program.

Whats in the program and how does it work:
+ Idea feedback day – discuss your ideas and receive feedback on them
+ Judge elevator pitch – Pitch your idea to enter the Ideathon
+ Value proposition & marketing analysis – learn to create value for customer needs
+ Business model canvas – learn to develop a business model
+ Customer interview training – learn to conduct customer interviews
+ Pitch review session – finalize and practice your pitch
+ Final pitch + community gathering – Pitch your idea to the Sheraa community and receive constructive feedback.

Results and outcome:
At the end of the program you will have validated your idea with potential customers, developed a lean, clear-cut business model, and gained the ability to pitch your idea concisely and confidently.


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Is your start- up more developed?

We have programs for you too, check out Incubator and The Growth Program

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Incubator Refine and develop
your prototype

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The Growth Program Join the community
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