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Here’s more information on our Incubator program.

Our Incubator is a 3-6 month program that helps startups refine their concepts and develop advanced prototypes to test in the market. This allows them to prepare for the Accelerator while benefiting from the support of mentors and facilitators.

Whats in the program and how does it work:
+ Work at your own pace to meet pre-set milestones
+ Training and workshops on sales, development, market research and more
+ One-on-one sessions with expert mentors
+ Financial support to help develop your prototype

Results and outcome:
Incubator graduates will have a working minimal viable product with at least one sale, extensive soft skills – pitching, negotiating, networking – and the opportunity to apply to the Accelerator program

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We have programs for you too, check out Accelerator and The Growth Program

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Shainoor Khoja

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