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Do you have a tech-enabled startup?

Does that insatiable hunger to grow it quickly burn you deep inside?

The know-how, the what-should-I-do-next, the right tools and the right connections—we will get you everything you need to become a top-quality Seed startup and prepare for a successful Seed investment round.

Our impact is straightforward: your startup all grown and ready to scale – done right, done fast.

Personalized For Your Startup’s Needs

Forget the wasted time where you are forced to create the same canvas and write the same information over and over regardless of fact that your startup belongs in an advanced stage. Forget the group sessions fluff where everyone learns “introduction to digital marketing” for the tenth time, or teach you how to build a product even though you have one built already!

We know that every startup is a unique business case.

Your challenges are different, and the value that you really need is different. And we know that a “chat” where a consultant or a mentor share irrelevant ideas at you as if they know how to run your business better than you do, is frustrating.

Guidance without a structured plan to achieve your specific goals is a waste of your time—a waste that you are forced to endure to gain access to what you really need to run your business your own way.

That changes here!

Here we are poised to go ultra-heavy on creating a personalized experience for you with us.

When you join our Program you will receive:

1. A Customized Action Plan with everything you need to do in order to hit the next milestone on your startup’s lifecycle, and how to make it happen.

2. A designated business and leadership coach to help you get what you need to execute your Customized Action Plan.

Even if you have no clue about what to do next to grow your startup, we will get you on the right track, no matter where you are in your journey.

Our Program

Once you have achieved traction your objective is to get customers to rely on your product and come back to you again and again. Retention is the only proven way to measure product-market fit (PMF). With PMF, the right fundraising strategy and the right connections, you will be ready to complete a perfect Seed round.

This is what this program is all about.


1. Create and activate your product-market fit roadmap (PMF Roadmap)
2. Revise and activate your go-to-market strategy
3. Implement your “post-traction pre-PMF” product iteration
4. Run your post-traction product launch campaign (optional)
5. Plan and activate your investor relations and seed fundraising strategy


1. Clear plan to achieve Product-Market Fit (PMF), activated, with monitoring and follow-up from Sheraa
2. PMF-ready product, with dashboard and clear metrics
3. Full preparation for Seed Stage fundraising
4. Introductions to our investment partners


6 weeks of intensive 1:1 sessions.

After that, your designated business and leadership coach will continue following up with you until you reach PMF and complete a successful Seed round. The average time a startup takes across industries to arrive at PMF is 6-18 months.

Program Add-on Benefits:

1. +$300k in-kind grant (PR coverage value, software analytics, working space, licensing, local and global event discounts, and support services such as accounting, legal and others)
2. Qualify to pitch for $300k Sheraa Grant Pool (cash) to prepare your product for post-traction phase and/or to fund your product launch event (the first major event in your go-to-market action plan)

* Cash grants capped at $10k per startup
* Sheraa takes 0% equity in return

Eligibility Criteria:

1. You have finished testing your most recent product version through internal testing (such as UAT) and external testing (such as beta testing)
2. You have a complete Features List for the next update of your product, based on data from at least 100 customers for B2C startups, or 3 clients for B2B startups.

* If your current product has these features already implemented, it is a plus.

3. You have prepared your go-to-market strategy and execution plan
4. Full commitment to program activities
5. Submit the Sheraa Program Application Form


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