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Opening Corporate Minds to Open Innovation

There are two sides to the following scenario. The first is that of a huge, possibly transnational corporation (let’s creatively call it Company A). This company has made a name for itself in its field, and has been a staple choice for consumers for years now.

It’s “Game On” in the Middle East

The video game industry has evolved far beyond the stereotypes it’s usually associated with - think basements, junk food, and multiple screens and consoles.

The Power of Empathy in Business

The world of business and finance has long had a reputation for  being cutthroat, competitive, and lacking in values that do not immediately add to the bottom line.

Keeping the Pace During Ramadan

With the onset of the Holy Month of Ramadan comes shorter working hours, more time dedicated to prayer and contemplation, and - with the changes to one’s sleep schedule - more naps.

Saving the Planet Without the Capes

With rising sea levels and temperatures, melting ice caps, and record-breaking weather patterns, we are finally realizing that the Earth is a finite resource.

Broadening Horizons with Travel and Tourism

Imagine you were planning a trip. You’d probably start by looking up viable destinations online, then checking flight dates and ticket prices on comparison sites like Tajawal.