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Here’s more information on our Idea Lab program.

The Sheraa Idea Lab
is a community program to understand how to break down assumptions through customer interviews, how to build competitive key advantages and how to research to create a persuasive Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Pitch deck.
Often, entrepreneurs are too focused on building unique features or using the latest technology without understanding the core consumer problem first.
In the Idea Lab, you will first understand your customers’ behavior and key problem areas that are worth solving, in order to get the perfect product-market fit.

Program Framework
The IdeaLab equips you with the tools to understand customer problems, competitors’ analysis and how to provide value with your idea. The program is ideal for those who still need to test several assumptions in their idea and are keen to learn and grow in the ways of the startup ecosystem.
Program entry is on-going with no set deadline to apply. On a quarterly basis, teams in the IdeaLab community have the chance to pitch their idea to enter the next stage, Pre-Seed, to build their product.

In this program you will learn:
– The main elements of a company business model
– Learn, how to collaboratively define a business model for your product
– How to conduct customer interviews most effectively
– Prepare a key selling Pitch Deck
– Get to know key monetization and additional revenue strategies
– Learn how to present your idea in an elevator pitch
– Explore effective techniques for rapid validation of business model assumptions

In the end of the program you will be equipped with a pitch deck together with a detailed understanding of your market, its potential and how you can provide value to your customers with your MVP.

Eligibility Criteria:
– Founders (solo/teams) with a scalable idea (tech-enabled)
– Motivated to build MVP with minimal financial resources
– Eager to test assumptions and conduct customer interviews
– Fluent in English (the program will be in English)
– Idea should be scalable regionally if not globally


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