Machine Learning Workshop

5pm-7pm, Sheraa Hub

5pm-7pm, Sheraa Hub

This workshop will involve understanding the concept of machine learning
and the different types of learning used in different applications. We will
be exploring and focusing on the IBM Watson Data Platform to dive into
working with the Machine Learning pipeline. This will include performing
activities from data cleansing using the IBM Data Refinery to creating a
simple machine learning model using the IBM Watson Machine Learning and
visualizing it.

This session is intended for beginners with no or limited knowledge of
machine learning.

5:00 – 5:10: Introduction to Shera’a and their programs (by Shera’a Team)
5:10 – 5:40: Introduction to Machine Learning
5:40 – 6:30: Hands-on session on Machine Learning
6:30 – 6:50: Call for Code challenge & Startup with IBM program
6:50 – 7:00: Q&A

– Bring a laptop so that you may follow along with the Code Lab.
– Please sign up for IBM Cloud before the event using this link (make sure
to select *United States* as the region):