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Key facts about JUXTAPIECE

Customization: producing modern and hand crafted art products using wood as a primary material

Visual art: reducing negligible attitude towards art and increasing the use of customized products

Hanin Hazeem


Contrary to what some people might believe, Interior Design is so much more than interior decoration and furniture arrangement. The progression of my design education has certainly solidified and augmented this belief. Instead, interior design is more of a journey and a process of discovery that involves strategic thinking and problem solving. Moreover, interior design is a field that is full of communication, research, and leadership skills.

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Arghavan Hatamabadi


In the field of Interior Design, I have obtained a great passion for my major, as I believe it is a great tool in hand to be able to manipulate peoples feeling according to the mood we would like to convey in an existing space. This is extremely crucial as we spend most our lifetime inside our homes and build our personality inside rather than outside. Therefore, a successful interior can influence the personality obtained by an individual.

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Meet the mentors

Tarig Al Sheikh